Zoll License Plates

German Zoll License Plates

The German Government only issues Zoll Plates plates to tourists, so why not let everyone think you have toured Germany!  Nobody need know!  The numbers and letters on the right hand side in red show the month and year that the license plate expires. 

Export license plates are used also when transfering vehicles into foreign countries.

This tourist plate is only available with a white reflective background.

We also keep the zoll plate in Square (3 sizes available)

Zoll Plates are £33.00 a pair (43 Euros)

German Zoll Plate

These exclusive authentic German Zoll Plates are available from us for fast dispatch. Why? Because we make them!  When ordering your Zoll Plate why not complement it with one of our frames?

Ausfuhr-Kennzeichen (auch bekannt als Zollschilder) dienen zur Überführung von Kraftfahrzeugen ins Ausland.