Ireland Number Plates

Irish Number Plates, Made with the German Font.

Irish Number Plate

How Great do they look? Very easy to order, just
click here to order, choose IRL badge from the badge menu, and select your town name, for it to be written above. So if you live in Dublin, it would show BAILE ┴THA CLIATH at the top of the plate.

Just like the picture below.

These plates are the same as genuine German Number Plates, however they have the IRL badge instead of the Deutschland (D) badge.

Important note: If your registration does not fit on the plate builder, please type the FULL registration in the comments box, IF we can fit in a dash each side of the country we will, if not, we will leave as big as space as possible - space permitting.

Want FREE Postage to Ireland? Order NOW (over the phone), and collect at the National Ploughing Championships, in Athy, Co.Kildare. (21st - 23rd September 2010).
Note: We will NOT be making German Plates at the show, you can just collect orders from the show.
Stand Number to be updated when we have it.

Order Irish Plates

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