How a German Number Plate is made

How a German number plate is made

Here is a picture of "Tessie", our newest investment.  She is a 25 tonne press and has already being put Press1though the paces!  She is capable of pressing American, German and French number plates.  The wall behind the machine shows USED American licence plates.  We did not make these, they are there so we can match fonts and styles as closely as possible to each State, when making American number plates

Blank German Number Plate

This picture shows a blank white virgin German number plate ready to be embossed in "Tessie".  These plates are standard Euro size (520mm x 112mm), they are single layer aluminium, coated with white reflective and printed with the German Euro symbol on the left hand side (D Banded). 

German number plate ready to be pressedThis picture shows the plate in the dies, correctly aligned and ready for 25 tonne of pressure to be applied to press the numbers and letters.  It is in the press for approximately five seconds. This German plate is being embossed with the German FE font

Bayern Plate Pressed
As you can see, after a plate has been pressed it is difficult to make out the lettering, this plate is a fun name plate we sell, it has the name Connor stamped on it. The plate itself is the Bayern flag. Bayern is where BMW and Audi make their cars. So if you are pondering over a gift idea

Bayern Plate hot foiled

The plate is then put through the hot foil system.  The plate is run through the hot wheel which applies a layer of hot foil to the plate at just over 185 degrees, to make the painted surface both durable and weather proof. It also adds the paint to the outside rim, giving a great finish to the plate.

Bayern Name Plate
The finished plate - to make these plates look more authentic, we also DIN stamp them with our very own special DIN stamp designed for us here in the U.K.

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