German Square Plates


German square car plates. Pressed with the 77mm Script Height German font ( FE-script).  These are available in White reflective (as used on the rear of German cars), Yellow reflective (for British Cars) and black.

Just in - German Square Zoll Plates

These plates are NOW available in the following sizes:

280mm x 202mm
340mm x 202mm


In Germany the top line of a square plate would contain the County (Stadt) where the car is registered. The car below shows "HOL" on the top line - this means the car is registered in Holzminden. The only things that can be embossed/stamped on the top line are LETTERS ONLY - no numbers. They do not produce dies to do this. However, we are have had some especially made for us. (NOW IN STOCK)
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Single Plate Price £19.99

Pair Of Square Plates Price £34.99
Also available are Square Black Plates.

German Square Plates German Square Number Plate